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Membership: Only licensed physicians or researchers with PhDs have the opportunity to become members of the Liechtenstein Association for Science and Health. Exceptions are honorary members or sponsors with a certain commitment to research. The admission fee of 369,- CHF is due once upon joining the association per application form and corresponds to the membership fee of the following years.

Business-Premium Members, can acquire membership on behalf of a company. The company can then propose individuals who wish to take advantage of the benefits of the. Each membership, as well as the individuals, must be approved by the Board of Directors. The annual fee for the first member within a Business Premium Membership is 693,-CHF. The company can have Business-Members removed from the Member List and can nominate new members for them. This is subject to the approval of the Executive Committee.

The research data and protocols of the research which are open in the association are of private nature and may not be published without written permission. Each member is fully responsible for this.

Invoices will be sent to members via email for the annual fee, invoice amounts are due within 14 days.Individual invoices will be issued for additional services provided at the club, and the member will sign off on an order.

An authorization to collect all debts of the club is given by the club member together with the application for membership. If a return debit note is issued, the member shall additionally bear the corresponding costs of this return debit note.

A resignation from the club can be given in writing with a notice of at least 90 days to the end of the year. A refund of the membership fee is not possible.

The place of jurisdiction is – as far as permissible – Liechtenstein). If the member is domiciled or resides abroad, it is hereby expressly confirmed that for any disputes a Liechtenstein jurisdiction, is agreed.

* interested doctors or sponsors write to us via the contact form, which will then forward them directly.