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One of the big problems we have in medicine is the oxygen supply to the various organs, because without the proper oxygen supply, the cells die, regardless of what disease it is.

As long as the microcirculation is not supplied with sufficient oxygen, there can be no healing.

For this reason, oxidants are highly interesting as a new agent for all related diseases. 

The scientific hypothesis of the use of oxidants for hypoxia and all other applications is that the oxygen is bound to a covalent bond, which dissociates under the influence of protons.

The same happens in erythrocytes which release oxygen where acid is present in the body. For this reason, oxidants are applicable not only to one disease, but to an extraordinary number of pathologies of various kinds. They do not leave any residues in the body because the released oxygen is consumed in the oxidation process.

Microcurrents are low intensity electric currents similar to the body’s natural current. Microcurrent therapy uses extremely low voltage pulsating electrical currents to relieve pain and promote recovery. 

The properties and potential range of applications in health restoration, muscle rehabilitation against muscle degeneration and many other pathologies are demonstrated and accepted with amazing results.