Research and development

Would you like to be part of a research project with enormous potential?

You can help advance research that will benefit previously incurable diseases and support real positive changes in health by participating. It is therefore an excellent opportunity to be part of our community.

The main focus of the research is intravenous oral or rectal with high purity electrolytically produced and pH neutral oxidants, which enable reactivation of mitochondrial functions and thus higher energy delivery. Members of the association have access to research data and exchange of findings and scientific facts for future therapeutic applications.

The association provides a bridge for researchers and physicians to overcome administrative hurdles as well as technical and financial problems.

We are convinced that due to the growing number of antibiotic resistances as well as the increase of diseases that are considered incurable by today’s medicine, there is an enormous potential for new ways based on the principles of natural holistic medicine.

Only licensed physicians or researchers with PhDs have the opportunity to become members of the Liechtenstein Association for Science and Health. Exceptions are honorary members or sponsors from a certain commitment to research.